Thursday, 10 May 2007

Who are the Wombats, and why are we here?

So... it begins.

The Revolutionary Wombats Association of Australia has decided to take a stand on the future of society, the planet, and whether or not red cabbage is an adequate food for human consumption (or whether it should be in our marsupial sphere alone).

As marsupials, we wombats may be known for our pouches. As wombats, there is a culture of humour at our expense in Australia, and we are consequently less well-known than our somewhat intellectually challenged (but much beloved) cousins the Koalas, not to mention the thoroughly opportunist and objectionable Kangaroos. But, after years of watching humanity destroy itself, and everything else around them, we have decided that enough is enough, and it's time for a change, before it all gets too late.

For a while we saw some promise in you humans, especially in the followers of a clever chap (with not a few features in common with us wombats) called Karl Marx. Unfortunately, after a reasonably good run, a majority of you let those good ideas go, and appear to have tried to give up.

So, we have decided not to let you,but to do our best to remind you of what is possible if you get together and fight for what you believe in.

At least then, if you can stop destroying our planet (and we were here before you) we can get back to ignoring your rather irrational species (except for expropriating cabbage - and other common garden vegetables - when deemed necessary. Those, at least, we like).

In order to further this project, we will bring you all our own analyses of your intemperate society, as well as pointing you in the direction of good sources of news and ideas from amongst your own lot. After all, to paraphrase the honourary wombat Karl Marx, the emancipation of the working class [and hence the entire human species] must be the work of yourselves.


The Revolutionary Wombat Association


Unknown said...
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Korakious said...

Long live the Revolutionary Species International!

Red Wombat said...

It would appear that we are not alone in our struggle. Our attention has been drawn to the fact that even on the other side of the world, good work is being done by those calling themselves the "Squirrel Vanguard" a place called

We shall endeavour to try to foster fraternal links as appropriate.

Dave Riley said...

Enough of the mutual mammal admiration-- when do the wombats go out on missions to uphold the the rights of endangered specimens everywhere?

One post does not a flurry make....

Frank Partisan said...

Am I lost? Is this Animal Farm?