Friday, 16 November 2007


Via the Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network:

Dear friends of Venezuela,

You have received various items of information over recent weeks as we aim to keep everyone informed about events in Venezuela in the lead-up to the crucial December 2 referendum on the Constitutional reforms.

The proposed reforms are being developed - and supported – by the overwhelmingly majority of Venezuelans through widespread community consultation. This has yet again infuriated the increasingly isolated right-wing opposition, to the degree that central leaders of the opposition, some of whom who were involved in the 2002 coup against President Hugo Chavez, have recently been seen with key figures in the US administration, including former director of national security director Paul Wolfowitz and Madeleine Albright. The opposition are calling their current efforts to destabilise Venezuela through violent protests and other actions “the ultimate battle” (La Ultima Batalla).

The AVSN pledged at its founding conference to also act as an Emergency Response Network to defend the Venezuelan people’s right to sovereignty and democracy free from violent and illegal internal or international destabilisation. Given the current developments, the AVSN strongly restates the call of Venezuela’s Charge d’Affaires in Australia, Nelson Davila, that we all to remain well informed and vigilant as the international media campaign against Venezuela intensifies.

We encourage all Australian supporters of Venezuela’s democratic revolution to:

* keep informed about developments around the Constitution reform process by regularly visiting and;

* add your name to solidarity statement at:;

* help to counter the lies by forwarding this email throughout your networks, and sending letters to the editor of your local papers about the real nature of the proposed Constitutional reforms (a “model” letter to the editor is available at; and

* help promote and attend the solidarity activities (public meetings, film screenings and protest actions) being organised in various cities around the time of the Constitutional referendum on December 2

AVSN members and supporters are urged to be pro-active in defence of the Venezuelan revolution at this vital stage in its consolidation, which if successful will strengthen the missions and participatory democracy as foundations for Venezuela’s Socialism of the 21st Century.

During November and December, a number of activists will be participating in the 7th AVSN solidarity brigade in Venezuela, observing the democratic process as Venezuelan’s cast their vote for the future. Reports from the brigadistas will also be posted at If you are interested in joining the next brigade to Venezuela - scheduled for May Day 2008 – please contact us at

On behalf of the people of Venezuela, thank you for your solidarity at this important time.

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