Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Sudanese Communist Party on ICC's request to indict Sudan President Omar Hassan al-Bashir

From LINKS International Journal of Socialist Renewal

Statement of the Sudanese Communist Party

Khartoum, July 20, 2008 -- The inclusion of the name of the President of the Republic of the Sudan among those wanted for justice by the International Criminal Court increases the complications engulfing the crisis prevailing in the Sudan. Despite the fact that such procedures were already in place and expected since the establishment of the Court, and this last step of naming the President of the Sudan was preceded by a similar step indicting two prominent figures in the government in February 2007, the Government of the Sudan was ill-prepared both legally and politically to react to either attempts.

It is well known, generally accepted and cannot be hidden that what is going on in Darfur is a real tragedy and the human catastrophe. We, the Sudanese Communist Party, reiterate what we have already declared that the Sudanese Government bears full responsibility for it is happening in Darfur, since its own policies have led to the aggravation of the tragedy. We continue to demand together with others the investigation into the crimes committed in Darfur, and to bring those responsible to justice regardless of their position in the state hierarchy...

We consider that the only way out of this crisis is the implementation of a comprehensive, series of measures including:

First, doubling efforts to reach a comprehensive and just solution to the problem of Darfur. A solution that responds to the demands of the people and paves the way for dealing with the consequences of the problem and its tragic results. This includes the provision of justice to deal with ALL CRIMES committed against the people in Darfur, any serious confrontation to solve this problem must be based on the participation of ALL armed movements of Darfur without exception. Other Darfurien organisations, leaders, representatives of local administrations and representatives of civil organisations should be allowed to participate on equal footing. In addition, all national parties, especially, those of the opposition, should participate on equal footing. This initiative should come as a result of collective efforts through a national mechanism that will be responsible for the preparation as well as the holding of the national event. It will be entrusted with full responsibility including to contact the Darfurien movements and neighbouring countries.

Second, to accelerate and speed up the implementation of the details related to the democratic transformation of the country without delay. Also to fully implement all agreements reached between the government and other parties. This should be done under the supervision of a national mechanism with the participation of all interested organisations and parties on an equal footing. The credibility and the seriousness with which these issues will be tackled will help to facilitate to unify of the internal front and can be used to convince the international public opinion of the seriousness and readiness of the Sudanese people to solve their own problems.

Third, the solution of this crisis cannot be achieved by escalating confrontation with the international community, through the organisation of demonstrations and processions to denounce the ICC and its main prosecutors, but rather through national, rational and calm approach based on legal response to the demands, and cooperation with the ICC as well as utilisation of multifaceted relations with the international community to reach understanding with them which will pave the way for achieving an acceptable just solution which will strengthen peace, security and stability in Darfur and the country at large.

Secretariat of the CC of the Sudanese Communist Party

Khartoum, July 20, 2008

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