Thursday, 13 November 2008

November edition of Alliance Voices

Socialist Alliance Discussion Bulletin & National Newsletter
Current Issue -- Volume 8, No 2, November 2008
Our Sixth National Conference (Geelong, December 6-7) will provide an invaluable opportunity to better understand our world of economic, environmental and social crisis in order to improve our socialist proposal. That way we can better carry out our responsibilities as leaders and activists in the struggles that alone can seriously change things.

What you can look forward to in Geelong. A packed agenda with key sessions and workshops but with time for socialising with members from across Australia.
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CONFERENCE: A Clarification

The October 23 National Executive decided our Sixth National Conference needs to vote on a shorter resolution, along lines suggested by Victorian State Convener Sue Bolton.
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CONFERENCE:National Executive sets delegate ratio for Sixth National Conference
What you local representation will be for the conference. That means how many delegates your branch can send to conference.
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CONFERENCE: Getting There

How to get to Geelong. What to expect in way of transport options. Maps of the district.

NEWS:NSW trade union work picking up speed

While there is long way to go, the NSW Trade Union Committee is active in the frontline of several campaigns, and is becoming an increasingly effective organ to organise Socialist Alliance's work in the NSW union movement

NEWS:Showing the way against rail fare hikes

Illawara SA members are actively campaigning against rail fare hikes and winning credit with their creative campaigning.

NEWS:2008 in Hobart (and Tasmania)

SA in Tassie has been engaged in many campaigns this year -- from protests against Gunn's Pulp Mill to anti war organising. Special success was archieved in instigating Students Against the Pulp Mill.

DISCUSSION: A quick review of the Socialist Alliance on the web and some proposals about our egroups

The SA's web activities get the summing up and we ask: can we do more?

DISCUSSION:Using local Socialist Alliance blogs
And talking of things on the web, Illawara branch shares its web experiences.

DISCUSSION: SA's climate campaign strategy
Continuing the discussion on the Alliance's key campaign strategies -- in regard to the environment and climate change, what should our approach be?

DISCUSSION:Some proposals to amend the Socialist Alliance national constitution
Only the national conference has the authority to amend the SA constitution. Here are some proposals for doing that.

DISCUSSION:On Socialist Alliance membership dues and finances

Only national conference can set party dues. Should they be changed? Here is a proposal to change them.

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