Wednesday, 18 March 2009

NUW - "Hands off our union" campaign

Everyone should take a squiz at the website, home to the campaign for democracy in the NUW, and against union's corporatisation and the current attempt to scrap state branches. Below is an brief explanation of the campaign.


Keep the Union in members hands

We are NUW members from all over Australia who are campaigning against the ‘corporatisation’ of our union. The National Office Leadership of our union are taking members for granted in their attempt to takeover state branches, implementing call centres, spending millions in Docklands property deals and mixing with big business in Victoria. As NUW members, we do not accept that the National Leadership is acting in the interest of NUW members across Australia. This corporatisation of our union is not making us stronger and more united as a union. It weakens and compromises our union and represents a union that is completely out of touch with all NUW members across Australia.

This latest attempted state takeover of Qld, SA & WA is about political power and influence for the ‘chosen few’ in the national office known as the “ambition faction” that are carving out their own political careers by ‘corporatising’ our union at the expense of its heart, the members of our union. Have a look here and ask yourself is this in the interests of NUW members and their families across Australia.

Where is the accountability of our National Secretary engaging in these political backroom deals and what does it yield for NUW members in all states across our workplaces? Has any of this factional brawling and deals delivered better outcomes for NUW members in wages and working conditions?

The leadership in this latest takeover attempt have banked on their Victorian members supporting their position, once again taking all Victorian members for granted in their lust for state union assets and political power within the ranks of the Victorian ALP for their own career driven agenda’s.

We call on all NUW members across Australia to VOTE NO and keep our union, the NUW, in the hands of members.

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