Thursday, 30 April 2009

Stop the War Coalition on Rudd's Troops to Afghanistan

Sydney Stop the War Coalition

April 30, 2009

Peace coalition condemns Rudd's decision to send more troops to Afghanistan

The Sydney Stop the War Coalition today condemned the Rudd government for its decision to send 450 more troops to Afghanistan. Some 21,000 US troops are being sent for a troop "surge" in Afghanistan. NATO has agreed to send at least 5000 more, and now Australia, already the biggest non-NATO contributor of troops to Afghanistan, is following suit even though Australians are overwhelmingly against the Rudd government's decision to send more troops.

"The Rudd Labor government's decision to send more troops, despite the fact that a March poll showed that two thirds of Australians do not agree matches the arrogant dismissal of the democratic will of the people by the previous Howard Coalition government," said Pip Hinman from the Stop the War Coalition.

"PM Kevin Rudd's argument is that Australia has to send its troops to train Afghan troops to defend the Afghan people from the Taliban. But since this war of Western occupation began in October 2001, the Afghan people have not been liberated. Corruption is rife, opium production and distribution has flourished, and key social indicators, including employment, life expectancy, literacy and malnutrition have worsened. Women have not being liberated and the hated Taliban has gained in strength.

"In 2008, more than 2100 Afghan civilians were killed - an increase of 40% on the previous year according to the UN Mission in Afghanistan. The 2008 civilian death toll was the highest of any year since 2001, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. This will only worsen as more foreign troops are sent.

"Canberra spends some $575 million per year on this war and occupation, money that would be better spent on helping reconstruct this devastated country, or on essential services here", concluded Ms Hinman.

The Sydney Stop the War Coalition says that all foreign troops should leave so that the people of Afghanistan have a chance to rebuild their country.

PROTEST: 5-6.30pm Friday May 8
Town Hall Square, Sydney
Organised by Stop the War Coalition
Information: Pip Hinman 0412 139 968 or Rob Kennedy 0411 449 033

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daniel rojas said...

And what is your position on the militar presence of Nepal Army in Afganisthan.

Lal Salam,

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Rage the Sistem, to destroy it.

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