Friday, 4 September 2009

A Spring Offensive

Peter Boyle

Green left Weekly is launching a SPRING OFFENSIVE to help us reach our 2009 Fighting Fund target of $250,000. By the end of August $147,550 had been raised – about 60%. But we need a push to get to 100% or above.

Green Left Weekly is dedicated to advancing the struggle for a new social system based on human solidarity and ecological sustainability. GLW exposes the lies of big business in its ruthless pursuit of profit at the expense of all human values and the health of the planet on which we live. We present the information and ideas the corporate media refuses to publish or broadcast.

Each day thousands of people here and around the world visit the very popular Green Left Online website ( But while this vital service is free to our online readers, it is far from cheap to provide. Raising the necessary funds to enable us to keep going is a permanent and pressing concern. Naturally enough, Green Left Weekly does not receive any support from the big end of town. Only the continued support of its readers and friends enables it to keep coming out and getting around.

Green Left Weekly runs on a shoestring budget. To keep the paper accessible, we have kept the cover price of the paper at a low $2 for many years. But this limits our income while we face constantly rising costs.

As part of this SPRING OFFENSIVE, we will be writing to all the people and organisations we collaborate with to ask them to write a short appeal for this campaign. It is over to you, readers! If you want to write such an appeal or a short commendation please send it to me at:

We will publish the appeals of our supporters - and any special donations - in the next few issues of Green Left Weekly.

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