Monday, 4 February 2008

New report: Climate Code Red!

Friends of the Earth have just released a new report on Climate Change, "climate code red: the case for a sustainability emergency", which is available to download from the site ClimateCodeRed. The press release can be dowloaded here.More details are below:

Climate policy is characterised by the habituation of low expectations and a culture of failure. There is an urgent need to understand global warming and the tipping points for dangerous impacts that we have already crossed as a sustainability emergency, that takes us beyond the politics of failure-inducing compromise. We are now in a race between climate tipping points and political tipping points.
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5 keys to a safe-climate future

1. Our goal is a safe-climate future – we have no right to bargain away species or human lives.
2. We are facing rapid warming impacts: the danger is immediate, not just in the future.
3. For a safe climate future, we must take action now to stop emissions and to cool the earth.
4. Plan a large-scale transition to a post-carbon economy and society.
5. Recognise a climate and sustainability emergency, because we need to move at a pace far beyond business and politics as usual.

Read 5 keys to a safe-climate future | PDF version (2 pages)

Campaign for a sustainability emergency

A number of local Climate Action Groups are organising to campaign for a climate and sustainability emergency. More information soon, plus flyers, powerpoints, animations and campaign tools.

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