Monday, 22 December 2008

A Financial Katrina - Remarks by David Harvey

If you're not in Greece, and need something to do this Christmas, you could do worse than check out David Harvey's website, which now includes his entire series of lessons on Volume One of Marx's Capital, both as video and downloadable audio.

As well as that great resource, he has also been putting up the audio from a number of his talks on the financial crisis, the latest of which can be found below.

[Of course, if you ARE in Greece, and are reading this instead of making new Molotov cocktails, you should be ashamed of yourself. Really...]


A Financial Katrina
Remarks by Professor David Harvey
From “The Disruption: Left Interpretations of the Financial Crisis” Panel Discussion
Organized by the Center for Place, Culture and Politics, the Center for Humanities and the Brecht Forum
City University of New York Graduate Center
October 29, 2008
26 minutes 33 seconds

Listen now:

Or download MP3 file (24.4 MB)

(To download on a PC right-click on the above file and click ‘Save as’ or ‘Download to’. On a Mac Control-click instead of right-click.)


(Slides 1-5 referenced beginning at 6 minutes 30 seconds. Slide 6 referenced at 10 minutes 10 seconds.)

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