Sunday, 15 February 2009

Manly Fast Ferry Protests

Dear Comrades and Friends,

Thanks to all who turned out this week to participate in the Manly Fast Ferry Protest. A number of different groups attended including many unions, politicians and community groups. Our turnout has been successful with commuters on Friday choosing not to travel with Manly Fast Ferry and indeed the company has seen had less than 100 passengers per trip. When the JetCats ran, they could expect nearly 260 passengers per trip!

The protest has been a success and we must continue until a result is achieved.

As you would be aware, the MUA has been involved in an ongoing dispute with Bass & Flinders (Manly Fast Ferry) and has established a community assembly protesting the move by that company to cut workers wages by 25% and lower safety standards. The company, after initially negotiating with the Union, pull out of those discussions and put in place a non-union greensfields agreement and gave the workers the ultimatum, “this is the agreement – take it or leave it”!

Until there is a proper result, we are going to soldier on with the protest and will be looking forward to having our biggest turnout on this Monday. Your support is appreciated and we ask that you spare the time to come down on Monday and participate.

WHAT: Manly Fast Ferry Protest

(and every weekday until there is a result)
3:30pm – 6:30pm

WHERE: Wharf 2 – Circular Quay

(MUA MEMBERS WORKING AT PORT BOTANY: A coach has been organised and for members working at Port Botany and will pick up from Patrick Port Botany at 2pm and 2.30pm at DP World on Monday and return to Port Botany from Circular Quay between 6pm – 6.30pm.)

Thanks for your support and the MUA appreciates your assistance and participation in this struggle.

We hope to see you this week.

Paul Garrett

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