Thursday, 24 September 2009

Sydney - emergency rally for Honduras

Emergency Rally For Honduras, 5pm Thurs Sept 24, Latin American Plaza, Chalmers
St, Sydney (next to Sydney Central Station). Please notify your networks & come along!

Media Statement: For Immediate Release. September 23, 2009. Sydney.

Emergency Rally to Protest Repression in Honduras,

5pm Thursday 24th September

Latin American Plaza, Devonshire St

Oppose the Military Coup Regime

Support Return of Legitimate President Manuel Zelaya

At 5pm on Thursday 24th September, a peaceful public rally has been called in Sydney to oppose the violent attacks against the Honduran people and support the return of the democratically elected president Manual Zelaya.

Australian-Venezuela Solidarity Network coordinator in Sydney, John Gauci explained, “The situation in Honduras is dire with the illegitimate coup regime imposing a curfew, cutting electricity, tear-gassing and firing on Zelaya supporters assembled outside the Brazilian embassy. Democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya returned to Honduras yesterday, and sort refuge inside the Brazilian embassy. There are frightening reports of democracy protesters now being rounded into stadiums”.

“The Honduran resistance is calling for emergency protests to be held around the world in defense of human rights and democracy in Honduras,” said Gauci. “We in Australia have a responsibility to insist that democracy is peacefully restored to the people of Honduras. We call on the Rudd Government to condemn the coup and cut all political and economic ties with Honduras until democracy is restored. ”

The mass resistance to coup has continued for three months of daily protests, strikes and road blockades. With President Zelaya’s return to Honduras, a desperate coup regime has significantly increased repression. This repression and attacks have resulted in the death of an eight year child who suffocated because of the military’s use of tear gas on unarmed civilians. The Honduran people are increasingly in open rebellion.

Organised by the Latin American Social Forum, endorsed by the Australian-Venezuela Solidarity Network.

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