Thursday, 1 October 2009

Latest on Honduras

Readers have hopefully been keeping up to date with the developments in Honduras. Here are some links to the best there is on what's going down in the latest uprising in Latin America:

LeftClick has a commendable series of video and audio accounts of the struggle, as the tables turn against the coup leaders and their violent crack-down on the population.

Links - International Journal of Socialist Renewal has a good collection of video and written accounts, including interviews with leaders of the people's resistance

Green Left Weekly has been maintaining a constant stream of quality coverage of Honduras.

Of course, there is also Honduras Coup 2009, Honduras Resists, the excellent coverage from Narconews, and the impressive Honduras Oye.

In Australia, the Socialist Alliance has initiated a sign-on letter, demanding that the Australian government condemn the coup leaders, and support the return of democracy in Honduras.

There's plenty more, but these are a start.

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