Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Resistance 2008 conference

War, racism, environmental destruction, homophobia, sexism......
Turn Anger into Action!

Friday June 27 - Sunday June 29

Guthrie Theatre, University of Technology Sydney

Past generations have stood up against the great injustices of their time: slavery, Apartheid, fascism, and war. They envisioned the world as it should be, not just as it was, and through their struggles achieved things once thought impossible. Now is not the time to despair. We need to get angry, get active and get organised.

Resistance is a socialist youth organisation: We look at not only what is wrong, but why - and how we can change it. We argue that the injustices in the world today are fundamentally caused by capitalism. We believe that the only viable alternative is socialism - the the democratic control of society and economy by ordinary people, not corporations.

The Resistance national conference will bring together young activists to make decisions on furthering progressive campaigns how we build a socialist alternative to capitalism. It will give you the opportunity to hear eyewitness accounts from Venezuela's inspiring socialist revolution; Come and share your ideas for a better world.

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