Monday, 5 May 2008

Union Solidarity Coordinator facing up to 6 months jail

From LeftClickBlog, with original info at Union Solidarity:

Union Solidarity Coordinator Dave Kerin (speaking above right ) is now facing up to 6 months jail for supporting striking workers at Boeing.

The Australian Workplace Ombudsman has issued Dave with a “Notice to produce documents” order in relation to the recent strike at Boeing. Dave is being asked to supply a government agency with all information and documents concerning Union Solidarity, the AMWU and rank & file members by May 8. Failure to do so under the 1996 Workplace Relations Act could result in 6 months jail.

Quoting from the notice:

"A contravention, without resonable excuse, of the requirement to produce the documents identified in this notice is an offence under section 819 of the Act. Failure to comply with this notice could result in your being liable to imprisonment for up to 6 months."

Union Solidarity will not comply with laws and government agencies whose sole purpose is to prevent workers having the ability to strike and organise.

We are asking you to indicate your public support for Dave Kerin and Union Solidarity. Go to Defend Dave Kerin Sign Up form

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