Thursday, 9 October 2008

Forum: The financial crash: A system in chaos

A forum presented by the Democratic Socialist Perspective and Resistance

The latest chaos on Wall Street — the worst financial upheaval in the US since the 1930s Great Depression — has been met with a bipartisan plan to hand over $700,000,000, 000 to some of the wealthiest bankers in the US for free! This daylight robbery is perpetrated by the same people who refuse to take the climate change crisis seriously!

The whole episode reveals not only the irrational core at the heart of capitalism but more importantly the way that the establishment will always try to make workers & poor people pay for the crisis - unless we do something to stop them! This forum will discuss the nature of the financial crisis & what we should do about it

To read more check out this Green Left Weekly on the financial crisis or the International Socialist Review article on Marx's theory of economic crisis.

2pm Saturday October 11
Resistance Centre, 23 Abercrombie St, Chippendale
Ph 9690 1977 or Bri 0439 694 505

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