Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Wombat Day! Wombats of the world unite!

Although they have lost many of the true traditions (and have substituted lollies and chocolate for more honest fare), the website called Wombania still holds on to the memory of that most important of days: Wombat Day!

In the Autumn of 2005, the Grand Wombat Council, under the wise leadership of President Wombat, realized that the world needed a special day to commemorate the often overlooked Australian wombat. October 22nd was chosen, and the very first Wombat Day was observed on October 22, 2005. Wombat Day is alternatively known as "Hug a Wombie Day" and "Wombats of the World Unite Day."

The above note is mistaken, of course. Wombat day is centuries older that the internet, or any friendly humans. It is in fact a celebration of the wombat socialist victory, when we cast of the yoke of bush capitalism. Ever since that day, the victory of vombatid decency and good-will over greed and despoliation has been a major celebration in wombat culture. Karl Marx - an honourary wombat - was so inspired, he took one of our slogans for his own movement: "Workers of the world - unite!"

Of course, those wastrel, lumpen, koalas don't appreciate it - they're too busy getting high on eucalyptus. But the order of the Bush has been kept in balance now for countless generations. In balance, that is, until you humans brought your crisis-ridden system into our ecosystems, threatening world-shattering strife and destruction.

So, in these days of human capitalist crisis (much like the final days of the giant kangaroo market) and environmental jeopardy, the wombats invite you to join us in declaring: "Workers and Wombats of the World - Unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains!"

And if you are serious about fighting for justice (and potatoes - we just love potatoes) - make sure you come down to Geelong on December 5-7!

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