Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Police smash Tamil protest in Parramatta

Via Peter Boyle on the greenleft discussion list:

Yesterday the cops smashed up a Tamil community protest in Parramatta Mall. A young Tamil man, Sutha (27), who had begun a hunger strike at the May Day rally in Sydney on Sunday was dragged off in a paddy wagon then carted to prison where they tried to force him to eat, community activists say. The racist local Liberal mayor said to angry community members: "If you want to have a hunger strike go back to your own country and do it there".

On Monday night 150 Tamils and their supporters held a peaceful interfaith prayer service at Hyde Park, A huge squad of riot police also attended.

The cops are probably crook on the Tamils because they carried out a 1.5 hour sit in on George Street outside Sydney Town Hall last Friday night.

Another factor may be the recent pro-Sri Lankan military reporting by Sydney Morning Herald journalist Matt Wade, who seems to be embedded by in the Sri Lankan army carried out the genocide against the Tamils.

So far Wade has not said much about the gross atrocities against the Tamils, e.g.
Channel 4 - Sexual abuse, Killings, Rotting bodies inside Sri Lankan camps. The civilians are not allowed to go back to their villages, and they are planned to be kept in these conditions for 3 years. politics/grim+scenes+at+sri+lankan+camps+/3126257 (exclusive videos taken)

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