Monday, 25 May 2009

Radical history conference: A century of struggle

Laborism and the radical alternative - Lessons for today
Saturday 30 May 9.30am (registration) - 5.00pm AMWU offices, 251 Queensberry St, Carlton

Speakers include:
Verity Burgmann, author of many books on labour movement history
Jamie Doughney, economist, National Tertiary Education Union state president
Dave Kerin, CFMEU mining and energy organiser, Latrobe Valley
Chris Spindler, Australian Manufacturing Workers Union organiser

Socialist Alliance is organising a one-day conference on the struggle to build a radical alternative to the deadening hand of the ALP and the lessons we can draw for today. The seminar will draw on the experiences of the communist and trade union movements in Australia over the last century. This will be an important seminar given the global economic meltdown, the crisis of climate change and the dampening impact that the federal ALP government has had on the trade union movement.

The formation of the ALP. Was it ever a workers' party?
The record of the ALP. High hopes and big disappointments

The Wobblies. Achievements and limitations
The vehicle of socialism? The NSW Socialisation Units in the 1930s

Communism in Australia. Some of the issues
Left alternatives in the trade unions

Fighting under Labor governments today
Looking to the future

Registration from 9.30am: $15/$5 concession.
Organised by Socialist Alliance - Sponsored by Green Left Weekly.
For more information phone 9639-8622.

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