Tuesday, 6 January 2009

SHAC emergency rally 12 pm tommorrow (Jan 7)

From SHAC:

The university won their case against SHAC in the supreme court meaning they can now order the police to evict us when they choose. The university has given us a new deadline to get out 12 pm tomorrow (wednesday) .

We are not leaving and are calling on all our supporters to come to SHAC and help us resist eviction.

We do not know if the police will actually be coming on wednesday afternoon but we are going to hold a mass emergency rally out the front. We are anticipating that a lot of media will be attending.

Please pass this message on to your networks.

If you want to help defend SHAC against eviction you are welcome to sleepover at SHAC, please byo bedding.

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272 - 8 Faraday Street,
Carlton, VIC


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Red Wombat said...

Today at 12 pm was the final deadline for us to vacate SHAC and surprise surprise we haven't left. The sheriff's office have recieved the warrant and are now in discussions over the strategy they will use to execute it.

Police are frequently driving past and scoping out the situation so it seems they're looking for a moment when are numbers are low to raid.

So SHAC has decided to establish a 24 hour continuous picket out the front of SHAC. To this end we're calling on everyone to come down to SHAC to help out with the picket.

There are a number of ways you can be involved in this from actually linking arms(or being inside or on the roof) to playing a supporting (non-arrestable) role. If you want to stay over night please bring bedding and everyone please bring food to feed the picketers.

There are a number of options for how people can help resist:
outside crew contact person is James on 0403672431
barricaded inside crew contact Liz T on 0402657392
On the roof crew contact Teishan 0430321233