Monday, 19 January 2009

The Union Show is back!

We're back.

Union Show friends. Let us Activate!

We have 70,000 weekly telly viewers and god knows how many on the web, we have around 150 of you Facebook group members and about the same number in the Save The Union Show Cause (by the way, we haven't saved it yet!!!).

We want to change the media conversation about unions and workers rights. Let the people report for the people instead of the corporations that own them. Labour rights equals human rights!

The right to work in a safe workplace. The right to strong economic management and economic security. The right to education and opportunity. The right to put our own price on our own labour (our time and our bodies and our minds).

Let's make a year of positive outcomes, let's get onto every damn thing that happens.

We start production in February. So I'm opening a forum for content ideas right now. If anyone has ideas about themes, material, actions, events or whatever else that we might cover this year - now's the time.

If anyone wants to volunteer some time, do some research or admin work or learn and use the skills to make real media that speaks the voice of the labour movement - here is your chance. We will take some interns this year.

Message me, email, or post on this page. All contributions will be considered and are most welcome, indeed sought after.

Welcome to The Union Show 2009!



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