Thursday, 7 May 2009

Protest the Troop Surge in Afghanistan, May 8



Surge Protest

5pm Friday May 8

Sydney Town Hall

483 George St Sydney

(Near Town Hall Station & George St buses)

Speaker: Gerry Binder, stand fast - veterans against war

Prime minister Kevin Rudd has given the order to increase Australia’s military presence in Afghanistan by 450 - making a total of 1,550.

Join stop the war in a protest vigil and speak out in the city this Friday afternoon. Come along to tell Mr Rudd that he is sending more soldiers to join an illegal, Bush-era war against people who had no connection to 9-11, in a struggling, damaged and deeply impoverished country.

The people of Afghanistan need our support to begin a new era of peace, self-determination and improved quality of life. They don’t need more pointless destruction of innocent lives and property.

Info: Pip 0412 139 968 Rob 0411 449 033 Andrew 0409 959 014

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