Thursday, 14 May 2009

Rudd puts warfare before welfare: A sad day for the people of the Illawarra


May 12, 2009 - Illawarra Socialist Alliance has condemned the Rudd government’s plans to spend over $300 billion on defence projects over the next 20 years, as outlined in the May 2 defence white paper.

Illawarra Socialist Alliance convener, Chris Williams, said: 'Instead of committing to a multi-billion investment plan to reduce global warming – a very real threat – the Rudd government will spend hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars on countering non-existent military threats and encouraging an arms build up in the region.

'The $20 million BlueScope contract is a complete sell out for the people of Wollongong , and not because it represents only one day’s work. The Port Kembla steelworks should be utilised for a massive program of green job creation, e.g. wind turbine production, not for making ‘warfare destroyers’. This is a huge slap in the face for voters who considered Rudd the anti-war candidate and one committed to act on climate change.

‘The difference between the expectations Rudd has raised and the actual proposals he’s made is huge. We must demand more of our government. What’s necessary in this time of crisis is real job creation – not one day’s work – that addresses environmental problems as well as the recession. Massive government investment in the production of renewable energies would be a great start.

‘The ALP government is putting warfare ahead of the welfare of our community and environment. The Socialist Alliance stands for the complete opposite and demands a change now', Williams concluded.

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