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Latin America Solidarity Conference 2009

People´s Power is Changing the World
Latin America Solidarity Conference 2009
August 28-29, 2009 - Victorian Trades Hall

Major cracks are appearing in the global capitalist system – cracks that are being forced open by the tide of rebellions and revolutions across Latin America.

From Cuba to Venezuela and Bolivia to El Salvador, people’s power is toppling neo-liberal governments, challenging multinational corporations, and constructing social and economic alternatives to the plunder, war and injustices of the old system. For 50 years, the Cuban revolution has inspired millions of people around the world struggling for independence, human rights and genuine democracy. Now, the Venezuelan revolution, with its vision of “socialism of the 21st century”, is continuing to provide examples of what a socialist government can achieve.

Imperialism is confronting an unprecedented challenge to its brutal rule. The Latin America Solidarity Conference will provide an open forum for all people wanting to learn about, learn from and build solidarity in Australia with the people’s power movements in Latin America.

This conference is being organised and sponsored by: Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network, Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (Australia), Centre for Latin America Solidarity & Studies, Peace and Justice & Colombia, Communist Party of Chile (Australia), Guatemalan Human Rights Committee, Australian Solidarity with Latin America, Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity (URGN), Communist Party of Australia, Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP), Socialist Alliance, Australia-Cuba Friendship Society (Adelaide, Sydney)


Friday*: Conc $5/ regular $10/ Solidarity $15 (* When registering for Saturday, Friday is free)
Saturday: Conc $15/ regular $40/ Solidarity $50

To register please fill in the online form on the website or send a registration forms to c/ PO Box 5421 CC Melbourne VIC 3001
For more information, please email or phone
Roberto 0425 182 994, Sean 0415 122 135, Oscar 0415 232 057, Paul 0413 072 137 or Lisa 0413 031 108
Payments can be made by Money order or Cheque payable to Solidarity Conference.
If you wish to endorse or help to promote this conference, please contact us to distribute leaflets or posters.

AGENDA: FRIDAY 7 pm • People’s power is changing the world: revolution and reconstruction in Latin America 50 years since the victory of the Cuban revolution and 10 years since the coming to power of the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela has shown that the continent is unwilling to bow to international capital. Over the last few years further victories have been added including Evo Morales in Bolivia and the FMLN in El Salvador. What does all this mean for a new socialism of the 21st century?

SATURDAY 9:30 am • Obama´s foreign policy for Latin America: militarisation, blockade& trade agreements The Bush administration supported death squads and mass killings in Colombia, an attempted coup in Venezuela, continued the blockade against Cuba, organised assassination attempts against Hugo Chávez and Evo Morales and reinforced trade agreements in favour of its multinationals. Will the empire be any different under the Democrat regime of Obama?

Simultaneous Workshops on various topics
2 pm • Latin America as alternative: new models of economic, social and political power
After more than two decades of orthodox neoliberal doctrine and anti-democratic regimes, the tide has decisively turned across Latin America. Spearheaded by the Venezuelan revolution’s practical experiments in participatory economic and democratic models, the movement is impacting struggle from Bolivia to El Salvador and Ecuador. The “end of history” has itself ended; a new discussion and practice for human survival and justice is being pursued apace.

Simultaneous major Workshops: 1) The Venezuelan Revolution 2) Central America 3)Workers´ struggle in Latin America

5:30 pm • Their struggle is our struggle: Strengthening solidarity Campaigns, brigades and projects have been part of the process of globalising resistance to exploitation and inequality and building solidarity between Australia and Latin America.
Followed by a Latin Fiesta, featuring The Conch plus many Latin American Cultural performances. Food and drinks available.

  • Heryck Rangel Hernandez: National coordinator of the Venezuelan Eco-Citizens movement, student leader, radio broadcaster and activist with the PSUV Youth.
  • Daniel Sanchez: Leader in Venezuela´s “people´s power” movement through the Rebirth of the South Commune, local councillor for South Valencia and activist in the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV)
  • Nélson Dávila: Founding member of Hugo Chavez’s Bolivarian Revolutionary Movement and currently head of Venezuela’s diplomatic mission in Australia.

  • Jaime Gajardo: General Secretary of the United Workers Federation of Chile CUT, member of the Communist Party and a long time activist with the Teachers movement, also the head of this union. One of the most outstanding leaders of the teachers´ struggle in the last decade in Chile.

  • Walter Rolando Félix: long time activist for human rights and better living conditions in Guatemala. Current parliamentarian for the Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity (URNG) and representative for the Commission for Peace and against field mines.
  • Jesús González: Founding member of the United Workers Federation of Colombia, forced to leave his country as a result of his work as political leader, organiser and for his work documenting the assassination of trade union leaders in Colombia.

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