Sunday, 26 July 2009

The "Workers International Network"

Apparently made up of revolutionaries of largely of the ex-CWI variety, Socialist Unity has spied the announcement/ creation of a new International/ Grouping/ Network/ Thing called Workers International Network.

Who we are, what we want

long march 3

The world today stands on the brink of catastrophe: a “perfect storm” that threatens to tear society apart and call into question the survival of human civilisation itself.
This website represents the ideas of a network of workers from several countries. We all participate in a broad online discussion list which links committed socialists worldwide, and provides a forum for the vital exchange of experiences and ideas. At its best, it has been a source of advice, support, and even occasional inspiration. Many of the list’s participants – not all from the same past traditions – have evolved over a period a certain common political outlook, and we feel that the time has come to set down more explicitly some of these common principles.

This task is especially timely, given that we find ourselves at a turning point in world history. During the previous period, it was right to give priority to reflecting on past lessons, drawing a balance sheet, and re-examining basic principles, to adjust to the changed balance of forces and prepare for the new period ahead. With the sudden implosion of the world financial system, however, and the imminent prospect of class struggles not witnessed perhaps for more than 70 years, it is now time to take a more proactive stance. The first step towards building the kind of coherent political movement that can hope to change society is to work out answers to the complex new questions of the day, and work accordingly to spread our ideas.

Nothing less than a worldwide party of the working class is needed. We have no pretensions to constitute even the embryo of such a party, let alone a substitute for it. We are just a like-minded group of committed co-thinkers with a certain point of view. We simply offer these ideas as a contribution to the discussion that will help arm the pioneers of such a future party. In the common interests of workers everywhere seeking a way forward to a better and more rational society, we welcome discussion and interaction with anyone with similar objectives.

UK: Roger Silverman, Ed Bober, Julian Silverman, Felicity Dowling, Matt Hollinshead, Rob Jones.
Ireland: Jimmy Kelly, Harry Hutchinson, Dermot Connolly, Cllr Joan Collins.
USA: John Reimann, Joel Schor.
France: Raymond Debord, Vincent Présumey, François Ferrette.
Pakistan: Farooq Tariq.
Germany: Walter Held.
South Africa: Martin Legassick

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