Thursday, 2 July 2009

Solidarity Committee with the Iranian People - Sydney

There is a new Iranian coalition in Sydney which is organising protests while the emergency is on in their country.

Today, they issued the following statement:

Defending the Democratic Rights of the Iranian People!

The past 30 years of dictatorship in Iran, has been accompanied by executions, torture, censorship and suppression of fundamental Human Rights for Iranian citizens.

In recent weeks, we have once again witnessed the ongoing violation of these democratic rights as Iranian citizens peacefully protested again the outcome of a fraudulent presidential election.

We have witnessed people protesting on the streets of Iran against this undemocratic regime demanding their basic human rights, freedom and democracy.

But, from the first day of protests, military forces together with the Basijis and government-supported militia have suppressed the cry for freedom and have killed hundreds.

Murder along with individual and group arrests are spreading across Iranian cities especially in Tehran which is now a military barrack.

The lives of innocent people are at risk.

Additionally, there have been harsh attacks against newspaper reporters and broadcasters.

Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader and the illegal government of Ahmadinejad are continuing their attacks and have labeled the uprisings on anti-revolutionaries or agents of foreign countries.

Hour after hour, we continue to receive horrific news from eyewitnesses on the ground and through their video recordings.

The world has witnessed this injustice and human disaster.

The Solidarity Committee with the Iranian People in Sydney ask the Australian Government to declare this human disaster illegal and expect your solidarity and cooperation of all the human rights organizations and freedom-loving People of Australia with the oppressed people of Iran.

We are demanding:

1) Prevention of the violent attacks on peaceful demonstrators in Iran.

2) Ending the arbitrary arrests of opponents, students and protesters and the immediate and unconditional release of all the detainees.
3) Removing the control of military forces over hospitals and medical centres to afford the possibility for the injured to get treated.
4) Unconditional freedom for media and news agencies to inform the public.
5) Ending the military occupation of Teheran and other cities in Iran.

Peace, Freedom and a bright future are universal rights of all People but the Iranians are struggling for their freedom in fire and blood!

Victory and dignity!

Freedom and democracy for people of the world and Iran!

In solidarity with those who lost their lives and the injured!

Solidarity Committee with the Iranian People - Sydney


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