Thursday, 2 July 2009

Protest against suppression of Iranian People's struggle for freedom

Solidarity Committee with Iranian Workers-Australia

"Protest against suppression of Iranian People's struggle for freedom"

Freedom loving people!

Once again the ruling dictatorship of Iran has unleashed its thugs on our people and their call for freedom and democracy.

Protesters and dissidents are being illegally arrested, some are shot dead, and many others are savagely beaten. They shot dead a brave young girl by the name of Neda Agha Sultan (Neda means Herald of Freedom in Farsi). Through these savage acts of vengeance, they are trying to silence our people's demand for freedom and democracy.

In solidarity with our people, and to commemorate the martyrdom of our loved ones, we will have a gathering in front of NSW Parliament House.

We call upon the Australian public, International human right organisations, NGOs and governments to support our peoples struggle for freedom, human rights and democracy. We simply ask you to join us in condemning this outrageous assault on humanity. We ask you to do whatever you can to put an immediate stop on arbitrary arrests, torture and use of live ammunition on defenceless protesters.

We will light up candles and sing songs in the memory of our murdered countrymen and women. We will put on display pictures of the recent street protests and images of the deceased who lost their precious lives in defence of freedom and democracy.

The Committee for Solidarity With Iranian People - Sydney

When: 3PM-5PM - Friday, July the 3rd 2009

Venue: NSW Parliament House

Macquarie Street, SYDNEY

For more information please contact Ali on 0425227914

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