Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Tamils to mark Black Friday - Sydney

Friday 24th July 2009.
5 - 8pm.
Sydney Town Hall Square.

July 23rd 1983 marks a significant phase in the history of the Tamils. On this day, 3000 Tamil lives were taken, tens of thousands of houses were destroyed and many were forced to leave their homes to other countries. It is now 26 years on and the Tamils are still facing brutal genocide at the hands of the Sri Lankan government. 300 000 Tamils remain detained behind barbed wire in internment camps with no freedom of movement and minimal access to the necessities of food, shelter and clothing. The Sri Lankan government continues to play their propaganda and have denied aid agencies, media monitors and journalists access to these camps to cover up their atrocities.

Black July is a day of commemoration by Tamils all around the world and a day that remains implanted in the hearts of every single Tamil. In Sydney, Tamils will unite in Town Hall Square on Friday 24th July for a candle light vigil, as we stand together in solidarity and mourn the many lives we have lost on this Black Day.

When: Friday 24th July
Time: 5 – 8pm
Venue: Sydney Town Hall Square

Please wear something black/dark and warm clothing and bring your own candles if possible.

As we lament the lives of our fellow brethren, we shall remain unified and together we shall work for a brighter future for our people still trapped in the camps!!! Let us be one voice for the voiceless.

Please forward this to your family and friends.

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